Diary – 15th march 2017

6.45am alarm although I had been quite awake an hour earlier. 

Up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Early birds was quieter. 

From school to church prayer meeting. 

And then collect papers and home. 

A quick trip out to sorting office to collect post; our interrail tickets. 

Read paper, did laundry, sorted things for jam club, did a 5km row. 


Played a bit of guitar. 

2.45pm and time to head down to village. Collected doughnuts from shop and then on to chapel. Set up chairs and tables and chatted to Carol and Kate. Then headed up to school and came back with 10 children. Theme was the woman at the well. And it went very well. 

Stopped to chat wit Sue Howe’s on the way home. 

Baked potato for tea by myself as Naomi was on bicycle home from work. 

And left house at about 6.15pm with guitar in boot. Got a parking space on lane next to Music Spot. Good lesson. Did basic chords for pinball wizard, did more with the D scale blues, learned some Oasis. 

And on to connect group. Went over last sermon but not much to comment on. Finished at 9.30pm and headed home. 

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