Diary – 23rd March 2017

Wow! I slept really soundly last night. 

Alarm woke me at 6.45am, up, breakfast. Naomi was downstairs just before I left at 7.45am. 

A lovely morning, if a bit chilly. Sun high enough to be seen in playground. But Mrs H told me to keep children in until 8.20am. Struggled to keep children in library. Glad to get outside. All quiet for rest of time. 

Came home, read paper. 

Started work on cutting out wooden crosses. Lovely and warm sunshine on terrace.   

Got car docs together and prepared for job club and then. Left in car. 

Stopped at garage. Emptied Jag of belonging. Got shown broken radiator. 

Set off for Lancaster. On motorway realised I had forgotten laptop so turned back and headed home. Slow cars on A6 and then funeral cars in village so had t.o go round block along atithe Barn Lane. And then left house going along Higher Lane to Long Lane and headed to Lancaster the back way. Didn’t take much longer than main road. 

Only 4 clients at Job Club, but two of them were new people. All had finished early, but plumber was there fixing boiler so we had to wait for him. 

Drove back to village, parked and delivered flyers for Messy Church, bought some fish for tea and continued home. 

Cut out more wooden crosses. 

Did a 5km row. 

Fried sea bass for tea. 

Did some scanning for Naomi, prepped draft pewsheet. 

Awaited news of Naomi’s dad. 

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