Diary – 29th March 2017

Up at 6.45am.  A gloomy start to the day. Breakfast and out at 7.45am. It wasn’t raining as I walked out, but started as I wwalked asked down the hill. 

So Early Birds started inside. A group of year 5 and 6 kids. Went out for 5 minutes at end of time. Had a group of little ones crowd round me using me as a base for tig. 

Prayer meeting at church and then home for 9.40am. Read paper. 

Up to office for a while. 

Did my daily 5km row listening to new Demon Hunter CD. 

Then walked down to village in rain to take Pluto for a walk. Chased kitten round house before giving up. A quick walk round the block with Pluto and then home for lunch. 

And back to village for Jam club.  Held at school. Mrs Hesketh led children singing while I set up laptop. All went well. Got away quite quickly. 

Prepared leftovers for tea with extra veg and baked potatoes. 

Then we went out in car to Lancaster for our housegroups. Only 4 people at my group but we still had a good talk about Ruth. 

Home by 10pm. Sat in snug for a while before bed. 

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