Diary – 1st April 2017

Didn’t sleep well and got up at 8am. 

Walk to village for papers and then breakfast in snug. 

Morning spent packing for holiday and tidying house. 

Walked down to village at midday and had soup at chapel. 

Then walked round to vicarage. 

People assembling for church awayday. Eventually left village at 1245. 

Minibus was very slow to drive.  But we got to Whalley in about 45 minutes. 

Started at 2pm and after a while I went out with two children. 

We played Carcassonne then went for an explore of the ruins and then another game of Carcassonne. Tea and cake and time to head home. 

Left minibus at vicarage, walked home, suitcases into car and off we go. 

Holiday time!

Parked car at university and took bus to Lancaster. 

Had a while at railway station before catching 1944 to London. Seats in first class. 

Underground to Vauxhall and then train to  Worcester Park and a ten-minute walk to Helen’s house. 

Bed shortly after midnight. 

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