Diary – 13th April 2017

Up at 8am. German oats and Apple mix for breakfast – tasty. 

Just after 10am 4 of us left. Took bus from village square to Waiblingen and then S-Bahn train to Bad Constatt and then another bus to Schleyer Halle. 

Got there some time after 11am. Exhibition called Korper Welten. Never heard of plastination before. Not as gruesome as I thought it was going to be. Took us a couple of hours to get round. 

Then a walk around Bad Constatt in hot sunshine to find lunch. Stopped at somewhere called Hen Point I had Louisiana chicken. Served with pasta and salad. 

Walked back to train station and got RE train (double-decker) back to Waiblingen and bus to Beinstein. 

Rest of afternoon in garden. I sat in chair and almost fell asleep others were busy picking dandelions. 

Martin went out with 2 children. 

4 of us had tea of cooked meat and bread. 

Worked on massive jigsaw in evening and broke up the evening watching an episode of Castle. 

Bed at 11pm

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