Diary – Tuesday 18th April 2017

Alarm rang at 6.45am but I was already awake. Back into work routine quickly – shower, dress, breakfast in kitchen and out at 7.30am and walk down to school. Car’s were frosty

I was first person there. Sat with two children in library for a while before anyone else turned up. We went out at 8.15am. I think the were 18 children by 8.30am. 

Came home. Naomi still in bed. Read paper. Washing-up. Some time in office. 

Naomi went out to Preston. 

I walked down to village and took Pluto for a walk. He was very glad to see me. 

Came home and had lunch watching TV news that PM has called a general election. 

Bit more time in the office. 

Then down to school for After-School club. Only 4 girls. We went to the Barn and bought ice creams and then went to the playground. Stayed there til 4.45pm or so. Back at school and Mrs Lund brought out biscuits and cheese. Last child was collected at 5.40pm and I walked home. 

Frozen chicken pieces for tea. 

More time in office and a bit of TV before bed. 

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