Diary – 29th April 2017

Up at 7.45am. Walked to village and back for papers. 

Cooked breakfast with Hilary and rob. 

Naomi went off to Lancaster for landmark. 

After a while we walked down to village looking at bikes and barrow displays. Walked along factory brow, back to village hall and stopped for a look around and drink. Then we walked up to  church and looked round art exhibition. And then down to chapel for procession. After that walked on to field for speeches. Had a play ride on a side-by-side tandem rode ok until we stopped and I banged my shin on the pedal. 

Came home for lunch. 

We tried to set up a fence on the lawn but the supports weren’t tall enough f r the mesh fence. 

Walked round to neighbours. Had a ride on the railway. 

Came home. 

Naomi went off early to village church. 

I cooked an omelette for the three of us. 

We walked down to village church for concert at 7.30pm. Lots of local talent. Second half went on a little bit too long cos pews were very uncomfortable. Finished at about 9.30pm and chatted for a while. 

Walked home via Pollitts’ house to return keys. 

Came home, sat in kitchen and ate cheese and biscuits. 

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