Diary – 30th April 2017

Up at 7.45am. Rob did me a cooked breakfast and I was out of the house by 9am. 

Walked down to village for start of Fun run at 9.15am. Then came home again. 

Just for a short while. Out of house again and walked down to village for start of 10k run. Watched it from square. Then walked all my station lane admiring displays. 

Wanted a cup of tea but finished root to pick up wallet so headed here me. 

Sat in kitchen and prepared presentation for evening songs of paise. Tried to get lunch ready as well. 

Naomi mi and parents returned about 1.30pm. 

We had lunch. 

Then headed back down to village. I went to playing field but Naomi went t look at displays. It was a bit chilly sitting and listening to music. 

Went to chapel to set up for songs of praise. Didn’t have any time to check and had problems with cable right at start. Ended up moving laptop halfway through service. 

Came home with rob and Hilary but we onl had 20 minutes or so. Enough time for a quick snack of cheese and biscuits. 

Walked down to church for brass concert. Church not as full as last night and concert not as lng. Featured John Miller the trumpet player I’ve never heard of but who was Josh Cirtina’s tutor. 

Came home, Naomi cooked some cauliflower cheese for a late supper. 

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