Diary – Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Back to work…

Alarm at 6.45am. Hadn’t slept well because of noise from loft; wasps? Up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Down to school and no-one turned up before 8 am. Played a game of snakes and ladders and then went outside in glorious sunshine. Felt a bit like everyone was tired after the end of Bikes and Barrows. 

Came home, read paper. Kitchen tidy. Laundry. 

Walk down to village to take Pluto for a walk. 

Came home. Had lunch. Mmmm – bacon.  Fell asleep for a short while. 

Spent a while in office on email and played a bit of guitar. 

And then down to school for after-school club. Whole time was outdoors. Played for a while then sat at bench to make pizzas. I was left  n charge while Mrs Lund cooked pizzas. Finish d at 5.45pm and walked home. 

Naomi wasn’t far behind me. 

A quick cook tea of lamb from th slow cooker with quinoa cooked in microwave. 

Naomi went down to church for a service with archdeacon. I went out later to Bikes and Barrows meeting to do raffle draw. Had a couple of pints and chatted. 

Walked home at about 9.30pm and sat in snug til bedtime. 

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