Diary – Wednesday 17th May 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

A lovely sunny morning so Early Birds was outside from the start. Olly had me making paper planes all morning.   

Prayer meeting church and then home. 

Quick read of paper and then walk down to village with Naomi for Max’s funeral. 

Then we collected Pluto and brought him up to our house. I played with him on the lawn for a while and then took him back home. 

Came home, had lunch, sat for a while and then down to village for jam club. 

Did prep in chapel and then walked up to school. 17 children in our crocodile this week!! Little Orla fell over and grazed her finger and knee. So start at chapel was a bit delayed. I led it all except prayer time. Seemed to go well. Tidied room and came home. 

Baked potato for tea. Naomi I came home just before I was ready to go. 

Left and drove to Lancaster. Parked off Dalton Sq. 

Guitar lesson was good. And then connect group at Ruth’s house. Only 4 of us. 

Drove home, sat in snug until bedtime. 

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