Diary – Wednesday 24th May 2017

Up at 6.45am after a restless night. Breakfast in lounge and out at 7.45. Cloudy but not cold. 

Early Birds stayed outdoors. Only 8 kids at 8.30am so a quiet morning. 

Came home and went out straight away to health centre. Car park full. 

Appointment with nurse for blood test. No-one told me not to do any exercise for 2 days beforehand so one sample not taken. Still had three syringes to fill. And came away with another appointment for tomorrow. 

Came home, had a tea and read of paper and went out in garden for a while. 

Then down to village to take Pluto for a walk. 

And home for lunch. 

And down to village again for Jam club. Did set up at chapel with Kate and then we walked up to school and returned with children. Session went well. Talked about prayer. Kate had a craft for them to do which filled most of the time. 

Came home and had baked potato for tea. 

And out again. 

Drove to Lancaster. Parked on Dalton Sq. 

Guitar lesson started early. Most of time doing what teacher called a “Keith Richard”. Good. 

And then on to connect group at Clive and Ruth’s house. Chatted about Manchester bomb then reviewed sermon and then prayed. 

Finished by 9.30pm and went home. 

Sat in snug before bed. 

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