Diary – Thursday 25th May 2017

Last day at school before half-term!

Alarm atb6.45am and remembered to switch it off. Up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Kept Early Birds outside. It was a very quiet morning. Mrs Hesketh and Mrs Pollitt were both out in the playground before whistle. 

Got papers and came home. 

Time to pack; how smart to dress for flower show??  

Took suitcase downstairs and then drove to Garstang health centre for blood test. Very quick this time and no bruise. 

Drove home, final arrangements in garden and house, rearrange packing. 

Jumped in car and drove to Lancaster. Parked on Moor Lane and walked to railway station via Tourist office for presents. 

London train was 15 minutes late. Had to wait until past Warrington for food tô be served; sandwich, crisps, cake and banana. Becks lager to drink. Time soon went. 

Got to Euston and helen was just coming out of Tube as we got to top of escalator. Took Victoria line to Vauxhall and then train to Worcester Park. Walked to Helen’s house. 

Stopped there a while before driving to New Malden. Met Claire at car park and sat in park for a while. Then walked to Wetherspoons. Curry night. I used the app to place our order and we were served much faster than those who ordered at bar. I had chicken jalfrezi and kronenburg. Then walked back to car and Helen drove us to Naomi’s parents’ house. 

Chatted for a while and went to bed early. 

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