Diary – Saturday 27th May 2017

Up at about 8am. 

Rob did cooked breakfast. Naomi opened birthday presents. 

We walked to Tolworth railway station and took train to Wimbledon. 

A short visit to Centre Court shopping centre. Rob and Naomi went to 3 shop to sort out Rob’s phone. Hilary and I wandered around Lakeland shop and bought some things for Naomi. Tryin. 
Then we parted. 

Took train to Waterloo and then underground to Leicester Sq. Bought tickets for Lion King in evening then back on underground to Camden Town. Spent a while in juggling shop then found a place called Birds for lunch – chicken burgers. Wandered through markets and then took train to Haggerston. Found Draughts, a board game “pub” and spent the afternoon there. Played Ticket to Ride UK, tried Carcassonne the Castle but didn’t like it and then Alhambra. Had an Italian board of olives, meat and bread.  

Took bus to Aldwych. 

To Lyceum theatre for Lion King. Standing right at the top. 

Finished at 10pm. Walked to Waterloo. Took train to Surbiton and then bus back to Tolworth. 

A glass of wine and then bed.  

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