Diary – Wednesday 7th June 2017

Up at 6.45am afte a restless night. 

A quick breakfast and out of the house at 7.40am. 

Not my usual Wednesday morning after a flurry of emails last night. 

Drove to Calder Vale school and changed to minibus. And off to Garstang. Did my Friday drive in reverse. Children relieved to school in good time. Drove back to scorton. 

In good time for parish prayer meeting.   

Then picked up newspapers and drove home. 

A quick read of paper with a cup of tea. Then to office to sort of jam club. 

Sort out some songs, some with YouTube clips for music, write script and find some activities. 

Gave up and went to village to take Pluto for a walk. And a quick visit to Barn to buy a birthday card. 

Home for lunch and then a bit more jam club prep. 

Then walk down to village and school. 

Doing jam club prep by myself. Busy, busy, busy!! Chop up grapes, bananas and doughnuts. Copy activity sheets. 

Then it was time for jam club. I led with Mrs Lund looking on. Kids loved the sing-a-long YouTube songs. Hard work to explain the Trinity to them. Colouring and word puzzles seemed to keep everyone occupied. 

Chatted with Helen and Emma before heading home. 

Baked potato for tea. Realised that holding jam club at school means more time at home. 

And then off to Lancaster. Pleased to find parking space next to Music Spot. 

Guitar lesson was good. Even though I hadn’t practiced much. Ned to work on patterns for improvisation. 

And then connect group.  Thought a lot about prayer and then prayed. 

Finished at 9.30pm and drove home. 

Feeling very tired. Couple of slugs of rum before bed. 

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