Diary – Wednesday 14th June 2017

Woken by alarm at 6.45am. Up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Early Birds was outside from the start. It was a calm session until the very end, but something happened just afte Mr Chaffe came out and I left him to deal with it. 

Wednesday is prayer time at church. Led by Jim. Funny incident as we came rout, school had set up desks across the drive for the school photograph. I had to ask Mrs Harwood to let two cars past. 

Grabbed papers and came home. Sat and read paper, did some tidying in kitchen. 

Drove to Lancaster via motorway. 

Prayer meeting at Ridge. 

And drove home again. Only as far as village centre. 

Took Pluto for walk. 

Came home for lunch. 

And down to village  again, collected doughnuts from shop and then to chapel. 

Prep for Jam club. 

Session was led by Debbie with her big Bible. It went very well.  Kids were entranced. 

Came home.  A quick tea of baked potato and tuna mayo. 

Off t Lancaster  again for guitar lesson. A good one. Despite my lack f practice. Still have problems with my fingers not stretching far enough for barre chords. 

And then drove home as connect group cancelled. 

Spent forty-five minutes cutting grass. Much faster if I do away with the grass box. 

And then inside and rest of time in snug with a beer and whisky before bed. <hic>

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