Diary – Sunday 19th June 2017

Up at 8am. Rob cooked breakfast. 

I left house at 9.30pm in car. 

Stopped for fuel and then drove to Lancaster. 

Half an hour to prep Lighthouse and then down for first part of LBC service. Choc bars for all men!! And then out with kids for Lighthouse. Short time all together and then I led our group time. Introduced Bible sword drill and children seemed to really enjoy it. 

Chatted to a few people and then left for home. 

Traffic chaos!! A6 was at an almost standstill 15 minutes to top of Greaves. Turned off through back streets and onto Cockerham Road where the road was empty. Glad to find at Cabus the A6 was empty too. Parked at home and then walked down to village. 

Lunch at the Barn. Roast beef and a glass of wine. Walked home. 

Afternoon around house. Rob and Hilary went for a walk up Nicky Nook. I did some hedge trimming but gave up cos of hay fever. 

Naomi and Rob went to evening service. Hilary went for a walk round the block. I stayed at home. 

Cheese and biscuits for supper. Poldark in Tv at 9pm

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