Diary – Wednesday 21st June 2017

Woken at 5.30am by farmer in field. Dozed until alarm at 6.45am. 

Up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Skies were black and rain started as I walked down. 

Rain only got heavy once I w in school. So Early Birds started indoors. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain for twenty minutes. Not many children at all. Rain stopped and we went outside at 8.30am. A quiet session. 

Parish prayer meeting in vestry. 

And home. Quick read of paper then a session in office to prepare Jam club. 

Walk down to village and take Pluto for a walk. 

And back home for lunch. 

A bit more time in office. 

Down to village again. Coll ted doughnuts from shop and then to school for jam club. 

Just me and Kate, in Nicky Nook. Most of my preparation was wasted as the big screen wasn’t working. We got by with lots of songs and talking about John the Baptist. And made dove mobiles. 

Came home.  

BKed potatoes with beans and salad for tea. 

Guitar lesson cancelled – there was a long power cut in Lancaster – so Naomi gave me a lift to Clive and Ruth’s for Connect group. 

A good chat about last Sunday’s sermons and then prayer time. 

Finished at about 9.25pm and started to walk along A6. Didn’t even get to Collingham Park before Naomi stopped to pick me up. 

Got home and sat in snug until bed

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