Diary – Thursday 22nd June 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

It was misty at home but clear in the village. Early Birds started outside but it started raining within five minutes so we went in to the library. Not many children. Everyone wanting to play chess. 

Came home . Read paper. 

Tidied kitchen, did some IT support.

Phone. All from guy wanting to buy Jag.  So a quick check-up on car. Ha ha, battery flat so had to rush round to find charger and connect it up. 

Time to head to Lancaster and Ridge for Job Club. Usual clients and a new lady who wanted to print  a document. Kevin turned up to check TVs which didn’t work and then he chatted to me for ages. Finished at 2.50pm and headed home. 

Another check on car and it started ok. Left it running for 20 minutes. 

Guy was supposed to be here at 4.30pm. I did a few jobs around the drive and garage but got bored by 6.30pm. Sent home a txt but no reply. 

Liver and mash for tea. 

Sent draft pewsheet to Anton. 

Evening in snug with farmers working in field opposite. 

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