Diary  – Wednesday 28th June 2017

Woken by alarm  at 6.45am, up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Rain. Early birds was indoors. Quickly spread from library into Nicky Nook classroom but well-behaved. 

And then on to parish prayer meeting. 11 of us. 

And home. In rain. 

Read paper, sorted out stuff for Jam club, played guitar. 

Took Pluto for a walk in the rain.  

Home for lunch. Played a bit more guitar. 

Down to school for jam club. Arrived far too early. 

18 kids this time. Kate and I struggled to keep order but the fish racing game was great fun. 

Came home, baked potato for tea and off to Lancaster after 6pm. 

Arrived early at Music Spot but guitar lesson started early. Was good. LeRned some Foo Fighters. 

And then on to connect group. Only 4 of us but we had a good chat about the previous sermon and then prayed. 

Finished at 9.30pm and came home. Still raining!

A quick sit in snug and then bedtime. 

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