Diary – Friday 14th July 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Down at school chatted with Mrs P and then went outside for Early Birds. But it started raining somwent indoors. Had to help Mrs P to remove a spider. Rain stopped so upside again and first kids arrived. More rain so indoors for 5 minutes and then back out. Only 6 kids at 8.30am. Several still not present at bell time. 

Went to vicarage for brief session to do pewsheet copying and then home via chapel and Catholic Church. 

A quick drive to Garstang to arrange car MOT and service for Tuesday. 

Back home and read newspaper. 

Mopped downstairs floor. 

Took Pluto for a walk. 


Watched TdF and Wimbledon while sorting out Lighthouse session.  

Off to Calder Vale for minibus. Only 5 children so a quick trip. 

Got home just after TdF finished. 

Watched tennis until Naomi came back with Helen. 

We had tea and then went for a walk up Nicky Nook. It started raining on the way down. 

Bed at 10.30. 

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