Diary – Friday 18th August 2017

Up at 7am, walk to shop and home for breakfast in downstairs lounge. 

Out of house at 8.20am while Naomi was still on breakfast. 

Drove to garstang and health centre. Me and and 3 older men in waiting room. I was called first. Appointment with nurse for a blood sample. I was out before official time of my appointment. 

Drove to booths and parked. 

A quick trip round Aldi. Then a walk along High Street to get keys cut and a birthday card. Then back to booths and a quick tour of the shop. 

Drove home. 

Revised pewsheet. 

Got changed then drove down to vicarage and did photocopying, walked round churches to deliver. 

Then set off for Lancaster. Parked on Moorlands. 

Stopped at shop and bought a pasty. Walked down to canal, found a bench and stopped. 

1145 walked to LBC for funeral of Kathleen Adams. A blast from the past. Andy P playing piano, Michael B leading service. Refreshments after.time  to chat to a few people. 

Left about 2pm. Drove back to scorton, stopped in village and took Pluto for a walk. He saw a rabbit and chased it and went all the way round Johela Heights. 

Came home and sat down to read paper. 

Then it was time for my daily row. Still can’t get below 45 mins for a 10km row. 

By the time I’d had a showe Naomi was home. 

Spent a while tidying then we drove to Lancaster. Parked on Wheatfield St, walked to centre and bought burritos. Walked to train station and sat down to eat. and Tain arrived before we had finished.  

Walked with Sarah and Elizabeth back to car and drove back to scorton.

Sat in snug for rest of evening. Sarah and Naomi played crosshand poker. 

I got cheese and biscuits and made a fire. 

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