Diary – Monday 21st August 2017

Up at 7.30am, down to shop and home for breakfast. 

Naomi went out to work and the three of us left shortly after 9am. 

Drove to Lancaster and parked on Quay. Couldn’t walk on quayside as all gates were locked. So a walk along roadside. 

And then to Maritime museum for opening time at 10am. 

Stayed for about 40 mins. 

Drove to Willow Lane and found a playground for Elizabeth. 

And then drove to railway station. Saw Sarah and Elizabeth on to platform and then left. 

Drove home. 

Started work on repairing NAS. 

Realised I needed solder so a quick trip to C&C. 


Work on repair seemed to be going well. Was securing everything in place when a transistor fell out of the case. 😦

Tidied up. 

Sat in office and designed tickets for St Peters event. 

Back to rowing machine. A bit slow. 

Naomi came home. 

We had liver for tea. 

Went for a wLk round block. 

Sat in snug for rest of evening. 

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