Diary – Sunday 27th August 2017

Holiday time!!

Didn’t sleep wellat a all. Awake at 4am and not back to sleep at 6am. Then woken by alarm at 6.45am. 

Up and breakfast and check Naomi was awake at 7.30am. 

All set and we were off shortly after 8am. 

Drove M6, M61, M60 and M56 to Manchester Airport.  Missed sign for jet pArk at first attempt. Jetpark 3 was very full but we found a space and then walked to a bus stop. Only waited 5 minutes for bus. 

Security at airport didn’t take very long so we then had a long waits the terminal. Our hand luggage was put in the hold. 

Onto plane just after midday and we started moving dead on time. Sandwich and a glass of wine for lunch.  1 1/2 hours flight. 

At stuttgart our cases were on carousel when we got there. Though to station and a bit of faff to buy tickets. Then took first train to Bad Constadt and then changed and on to Esslingen. 

Walked through town and found hotel. 

Checked in and sat in room for a while. 

Ventured out for evening. Walked round old town and cMe back to first place we had looked at. – Brauhaus Zum Schwanen. Sat outside. I had a veal cutlet stuffed with cheese and two large beers. Naomi had roast beef. And a little bit more exploring on way back to hotel. 

Sat in hotel room for a while before and early night. 

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