Diary – Thursday 23rd November 2017

Peter got up shortly after 6am. I followed him. Watched Tv for a while including local news which didn’t say an awful lot about the flooding.

Called BMW to talk about car, wondering if it’s ok to try to start. That turned into a call for emergency assistance and told car would be taken by 10am.

Went down to car, found interior was full of water and stains showed water had been as height as central arm rest.

Had nothing to do but walk around village.

10am came and went and BMW apologised and said collection would happen soon.

Peter Otto came and kept me company and then took me to his house and we had something to eat.

Recovery driver did turn up but said he had to have more space in front of car so couldn’t take it.

More apologies from Bmw. Promised to find another firm and collection will be later. But will give me a phone call an hour before, so I could go home.

Naomi came and took me home after a quick inspection of car.

Ah, a hot bath. And a cup of tea.

And time to relax and calm down.

Tinned pie for tea.

Finished my bottles of port from last Christmas.

An early bed at 10pm or so.

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