Diary – Thursday 18th January 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

On my own at Early Birds. Not many children even at 8.30am when we went outside.

Came home, read paper.

There didn’t seem to be much time before I was out again.

Drove down to village to take Pluto for a walk. Kirstine was at home again with a sick Brodie. She was surprised at how excited Pluto was to see me. We went along the Millennium way.

While walking I remembered about the two Job Club computers I had brought home so when I took Pluto home I had to drive back home, collect the computers and then head off to Lancaster.

Still arrived at Ridge on time. A quiet Job Club. The new person from last week didn’t come back so it was our usual four clients.

Job club finished at 3pm and I stayed to help with Jam club. A bit of a crazy session with Laurence. Only six kids and we threw out three of them. Did a wordsearch, talked about blind Bartaemaus and then played French cricket. Laurence lost the key and it took us half an hour to find it.

Set off for home down motorway but got to roundabout at Galgate and A6 south was closed. Should have gone back to motorway down to services but did the legal route back to Galgate and the Stony Lane. Took ages to get to crossroads at Galgate.

We went to Booths for a quick shop to get something for tea and other stuff.

Came home, made up sauce with onion, pepper and tin of tomatoes to go with ravioli.

Sat in snug for rest of evening.

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