Diary – Friday 15th June 2018

Naomi was up very early and left the house at 6.15am. I was out of bed by then, surprised Pluto and had breakfast. It was still very early so took Pluto for a walk and we went up Nicky Nook as far as the steps.

Then remembered Tony’s newspaper and drove down to village. Shop was a bit late opening. Drove home and it was Already time to head to school.

EArly Birds was quiet as always on a Friday but I did hVe two children from 8 am. We were trying to learn some French.

Picked up by Ruth and Dennis and we heDed up to Calder Vale for Open The Book. ChAtted to secretary for a while, sorted ourselves out in classroom and then did our performance. My first time as narrator. It seemed to go well.

Drove back to Scorton and stopped at Ruth and Dennis’ house for a drink and chat.

And then to St Peters for their OTB assembly. It was. Bit strNge speaking from the pulpit.

Walked home. Let Pluto out for. Play on lawn


Took Pluto for a walk. We made it to the top of Nicky Nook and back in 45 minutes.

Had time for a quick drink before leaving and heading up to Calder Vale.

Minibus run was OK and finished early.

Stopped at vicarage to do copying but Anton was busy. So came home for half an hour.

Drove back down to vicarage, did copying and walked round churches. Spotted traction engines outside The Priory.

and drove home.

After a while Pluto and I left and walked down to Priory.

ChAtted with our plumber for a while before Naomi arrived. Then we ordered food. I had a burger with blue cheese.

We took a long walk home via Tithebarn Lane and the woods.

Sat in snug for rest of evening.

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