Diary – Sunday 10th September 2018

Up at 7am on a Sunday! A quick cooked breakfast and out at 8am.

Walked to Malden Manor and took train to Waterloo.

Met Sarah and Elizabeth and went to Pret for some breakfast. I had something like muesli in a smoothie. Saw Elizabeth off on a day trip with cubs then the three of us walked over to Buckingham Palace. Went via Trafalgar Sq where everyone was setting up for Tour of Britain.

Large crowds gathering for changing of guard. We stood and waited until we realised we would have to wait another hour.

Did Tour of Buckingham Palace. I was surprised that we could walk around rooms that were used for official duties. That took an hour and a half.

Then had lunch in Palace garden. I had an egg mayo baguette which was enormous and then a macaroon with some huge blackberries.

Retraced our steps back to Waterloo, said goodbye to Sarah and caught train back to Tolworth.

Only stopped there briefly. Got changed and then jumped in car and drove to Mathangi’s. Gathered there for some group photos and then drove to Leatherhead.

Found theatre. Had an hour or so before to chat and eat snacks.

Concert started about 6pm. Went on til gone 8pm without a break. Then lots of speeches, a lot in Tamil, for almost an hour. Then we queued for ages to see Thenuka and family. Given more snacks on way out including some warm takeaway. A quick drive back to Tolworth.

Sat for a while and ate our supper which was VERY spicy and went to bed.

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