Diary – Wednesday 19th September 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.40am a bit late cos I had a wander into garden to check for fallen trees.

Early Birds was a bit chaotic with a group of kids talking loudly and wandering around. All went very quiet when I shouted at one of the little girls.

Up to church for prayer meeting. Five of us and no vicar. Then home with paper briefly.

Drove down to village and took Pluto for a walk but chatted with Kristine first.

Then drove up to Kendal in some pretty wet and windy weather.

Collected Naomi’s bike from Evans and then went round to see Helen. Had a good chat over a sandwich and tea.

Then drove back home through very windy weather.

Stopped at Barn to buy and send birthday card then home.

Only in house for twenty minutes before heading aback to school.

There was a multi skills class and football training so only two kids in after school club for me to supervise. Colouring and Wii games. With two teachers present I felt a bit redundant but was nice to be able to chat a bit. Even after both clubs finished there were only two at ASC. They were collected at about 5.15pm – an early finish!!

Came home and had a drink before thinking about tea.

Helped Naomi pick up tomato plants that had been blown over.

Quick tea of chicken fillet in a pitta with some left-over cauliflower cheese and salad.

Then out to connect group. Just four of us, three who weren’t around last week so we redid the study. Again not really questions leading t much discussion. After prayer time it was still before 9pm.

Drove home and sat in snug before bed.

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