Diary – Wednesday 26th September 2018


But much as usual up at 6.45am, breakfast. Naomi joined me briefly to wish me a happy birthday before I left for work.

Early Birds was a doddle as most of the children set about writing me a birthday card.

On to prayer meeting at church. Only four of us and no vicar. A very short one.

Then took Pluto for a walk. Met Phil Cray And had a chat.

Home for 10.30am.

A quick change and ready for a bike ride.

Took usual route to Lancaster Uni but rode through and delivered a card to Steve G. Then returned to campus, drove round perimeter before stopping.

Met Naomi in Uni house foyer and went for lunch at Costa. Panini and a muffin with a chai latte for me.

Set off for home via Bay Horse to book table for dinner.

Arrived home with enough time for a shower and a cup of tea before heading back to school.

Younger ones were doing multi-skills and older ones were At football tournament so left with two boys who played with LEGO for an hour. good practice for me for next half-term. Joined by four girls at 4.30pm who were happy drawing. I dished out snacks as well. Finished a few minutes early.

Mrs Lund took me. to the Priory for a drink. Had a nice chat.

Walked home, quick change and out again.

Naomi drove us to Bay Horse.

Dinner at the inn. Delicious. I had a black pudding scotch egg, fillet steak and apricot bread and butter pudding. Two glasses of red wine and a glass of Sauterne.

And home.

Sat in snug. Did a killer sudoku. Did FaceTime with inlaws.

Bed at 10.30pm.

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