Diary – Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Stayed in bed while Naomi got up, once she was downstairs I got up at 7.45am.

Walked down to shop for paper and came home for breakfast in snug and read of paper.

Tidied kitchen (a BIG job) and then went outside into garden for leaf blowing and other tidying.

Came indoors for a drink and then went down to village to walk dogs. And then some card shopping.

Home for lunch.

And then back to garden to tidy leaves into a pile.

Came indoors for a drink and then did a 10km row. That was hard work and rather slow.

Naomi was home for just long enough to have tea before going out again.

I spent the evening watching TV, running up and down stairs sorting out various jobs.

Naomi came home and did some baking. I sat in kitchen and helped a bit til bedtime.

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2 Responses to Diary – Tuesday 23rd October 2018

  1. I’ve just read some of your other posts and think it’s funny that you think that sleeping in until 7.45 is late… like that’s so early for me lol

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