Diary – Monday 5th November 2018

Up at 6.40am, I’ve set my alarm 5 mins earlier so I’m not quite so rushed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Breakfast in kitchen and out at 7.25am.

Slow start to Early Birds chatting with two little girls, but over a dozen by end. Chatted at door with Mrs H.

Grabbed paper and came home.

Sat and read paper.

Got ready and drove to Garstang. A quick visit to booths for porridge and then to gym for first time in three months.

Did a row, some weights then 2km on treadmill. Nice and slow, didn’t want to overdo things with my Achilles.

Came home, got changed and walked down to village and took Pluto for walk round block.


And back down to village for after-school club. Jam club first, stopped at shop for fruit and doughnuts and then to school to prep them. Kate led the session, Ruth led craft.

When it was finished I went to after-school club which was VERY quiet. Which meant lots of chat with kids. We finished at about 5.15pm.

Came home.

Fried left-over chicken for tea.

And out to LBC deacons meeting. City was busy, had to park on Moorlands. A long meeting, didn’t finish until gone 10pm so 1045pm by the time I got home.

Poured myself a drink and then sat in snug for ten minutes to do FaceTime with Naomi.

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