Diary – Wednesday 7th November 2018

Up at 6.45am but had been mostly awake since 4am.

Breakfast and out at 7.40am.

Teachers were at school early and children arrived before 8am. Lots of children wandering about all session but not too bad until just as we were starting to tidy up two bookcases got pushed over. Mrs H was not happy, but I think she blamed the kids and not me.

prayer meeting at church, sitting in choir stalls again. Seems such an odd arrangement, can hardly hear people sitting on other side.

Then the meeting at the vicarage. Took a lot longer than usual, finished after 10am.

Came out to blue skies and sunshine, collected paper and headed home.

Sorted a few things for a while, under an hour, before heading back to village to walk Pluto round the block.

Stopped for lunch.

And back down hill for after-school club. It was drizzling as I walked down hill but I think the rain got worse while I was indoors.

So ASC was indoors all the time. We had lots of things for them to do. I had to deal with a boy who kept getting upset when he wanted to play with things that other children were playing with.

Came home, pasta bake for tea.

Off to Lancaster for connect group at Clive and Ruth’s house. Just five of us but a good conversation about Colossians.

Finished shortly after 9pm, took Marie home and then headed home.

Sat in snug for a while, did a FaceTime with Naomi.

Oops. Clicked button to update my Fitbit with no indication of how long it would take…

took 20 minutes so not quite as early a night as I intended.

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