Diary – Friday 16th November 2018

Awake and out of bed a bit early. Breakfast and out at 7.40am.

Bit crazy at Early Birds. A non-uniform day with a visit from Pudsey impending so everyone was excited and didn’t settle down to anything. But no naughtiness.

Vicar excused me from printing pewsheets so headed home.

Sat with tea and read paper listening to Radio Lancashire until there was a brief broadcast from school.

Got things together for weekend away, booked car service.

When I went to take out dogs, I found Carolyn at home. She opened the door and came out with Owl who saw me and bounded up the road to me. We went for our usual walk round the block.

Home for lunch.

And up to Calder Vale school. Chatted with Mrs H in office and did a quick network speed test, then worship time.

Minibus run was OK.

Then drove to Lancaster.

Parked in Station car park, collected tickets and made way to platform.

Had a bit of a wait before train time.

Train to London. Had two seats to myself shortly after getting on. Made good time but stopped just outside Euston so we were late.

Met Naomi on concourse then walked streets to find a restaurant. Bon Vivant. A nice little place. I had a bavette. Naomi had chicken supreme and we shared a bottle of wine. We didn’t think to order any sides.

Walked back to Euston, tube to Vauxhall and train to Raynes Park.

Rob met us in car and took us to house.

Chatted for a while before bed at midnight.

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