Diary – Thursday 6th December 2018

Up at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.40am.

Early Burds was interesting, was interesting, with a group of tired children annoying each other.

Grabbed paper and came home briefly.

Ruth came to house and drove us up to Calder Vale. I directed us along the Higher Lane route which freaked her out a bit. Took us 25 mins to get to school.

We did an assembly using a Bible Society story of the Nativity which went well.

Came back to Scorton , had Enough time for a tea at Ruth’s house and then went to St Peters to do the same assembly. Had a bit of a hunt for screen remote control which had been tidied into vestry.

I was a bit Late taking the dogs for their walk, but at least the rain had stopped.

Home for lunch.

And then back to school for after-school club. Only 5 boys wanted to do LEGO club, but that meant they had more space to work and more bricks each. After snack two of them built a very impressive dragon.

Came home, got changed and walked back down hill to the Priory.

Christmas meal with Scorton Churches Together. Sat with Kate and Danny and Naomi arrived just we were saying grace. I had crab cakes, turkey and apple and ginger pudding. And several glasses of wine.

Walked home at about ten and sat briefly in snug before an early bedtime.

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