Diary – Wednesday 15th May 2019

Up at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.30am.

In a change to usual routine I drove down to school.

Did Early Birds which was much quieter than Tuesday. A lot less children and no silliness.

Left and drove up to Calder Vale school. Put my metaphorical governor’s hat on and did SATs moderation. First off was a 1/2 hour arithmetic test. I read a copy of the paper and could do most of it in my head. Then we had half an hour play time in the forest. It was nice chatting to staff. Then a second test on mathematical reasoning. Teacher gave me a paper and pencil and I did the test. One question I couldn’t answer at all. Finished about 1130.

Drove back to Scorton, took Pluto for a walk and then drove home for lunch.

And then walked back down to the village for after-school club. Football was not on the menu after yesterday’s events. A lot of play in the nature area. Finished and walked home.

Connect group was cancelled so I had an evening at home. Cooked some tea, chatted with Naomi, set things up for OTB meeting in the morning, watched some TV. Funny how quickly an evening can go.

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