Diary – Wednesday 12th June 2019

Woken by alarm at 6.50am, up, showered, packed and stripped bed before getting boys out of bed.

Breakfast at 8am was spaghetti hoops on toast / cereal / toast and jam.

Then we had some time to pack and tidy rooms, most of which we had already done.

And then we met downstairs.

Eventually went out to tower climb. A tree with 3 platforms for kids to climb up. Most got to top, one or two only to bottom level. Took us to midday.

A bit of spare time so trainer walked round hall telling ghost stories.

Lunch was sausage roll with sliced cheese and salad.

Then it was time to get on coach and head home.

Arrived at Scorton just after 2pm.

Mrs Hesketh took bags off me so I could walk straight home rather than go into school.

Plasterers busy in kitchen but it looked so much better.

Sat upstairs and had a cup of tea.

Took delivery of cooker hood and splashback.

Plasterers left at 4pm and I had a bath.

Pasta for tea.

Dan the screed man came to inspect kitchen at 7pm and as soon as he was done I left for Connect group meeting.

We started a new series on Ezekiel. Finished at about 9.20pm and drove home.

Sat in snug, did FaceTime with nAomi and went to bed at 10.30pm

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