Diary – Friday 19th July 2019

Up at 6.40am for last day of school year, breakfast and left house shortly after 7.30am.

Drove down to school, grabbed newspaper and then into school.

Set up for Early Birds and also set up a laptop to copy files from my memory pen. Session wasn’t too busy, kids were excited about end of year.

Left promptly and drove up to Calder Vale in heavy rain.

Leavers service at school was in school rather than church. Lasted half an hour.

Drove home and had enough time for a drink before walking back down to village.

Leavers service at St Peters.

There was a problem with sound on the AV system. I couldn’t solve it. We made do with PC sound and a microphone.

Took Pluto for a walk round block.

Back up to house for a small lunch.

And walked back down to village for staff do at the Barn. A nice time with other staff for a couple of hours. And walked home again.

Watched end of Tour de France.

And walked down to village again for BBQ and Kirstine’s house. Pluto was pleased and a bit confused to see me again. Stood around and chatted, had to hide in garage when it rained and then sat on decking.

Left at 7pm and walked home.

Naomi came home, we had tea in kitchen.

Sat in snug for rest of evening.

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