Diary – Sunday 15th October 2017

Was already awake when my Fitbit alarm went off at 8am. 

Up, breakfast and left just after 9am. 

Drove to uni campus and met Michelle to help at student ‘find a church’ session. Met in minor hall, a rather obscure location. Lots of people from churches but few students. We came away by ourselves and drove to Lancaster. Parked next to Music Spot. 

Just in time at LBC to find out what to do in Lighthouse and then down for start of service. And back out with children after a while. Were were cooking in Lighthouse and because of shortage of adults, I looked after the middle group and read them a story and supervised colouring and word puzzle. At end of session downstairs for a quick cup of tea and a chat. 

Left to go to music fest. Got to sun square but text from Carl so walked back to church. No Carl, back to Sun Sq. 

Listened to Balkanics for a while. 

Walked over to Golden Lion to listen to howdenjones. Stayed for over an hour. 

Then a brisk walk up the hill to Ashton Memorial to listen to J and the 9s. They did well with a small crowd and strong wind. Singer danced with children. Audience smaller after a 15-min interval. Naomi arrived on bike for a few songs. Chatted to band at end. 

Walked back to centre, into Dalton Rooms and caught last few chords of Greenheart session. 

Met up with Ann and went to Apothecary. 

Lancaster jazz quintet playing. Stayed there as feeling tired. Ann and Naomi left. 

Then the Skrotes came on. Enjoyed it more than the session on Friday. Left when Naomi came in from church. 

Drove home, brief sit in snug before bed. 

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Diary – Saturday 14th October 2017

Slept soundly until 8am. Got up, Walt to shop and home for breakfast and read paper. 

Naomi got up and spent morning cleaning in kitchen. I stayed upstairs and pottered around. 

About midday we left and drove up to Kendal. 

Went to Evans for Naomi to try a bike. Took an age but got there in the end and loaded bike into book. 

Stopped at Sizergh castle for something to eat. 

Then drove to Lancaster. 

Parked on Moor Lane. Walked round centre for a while; caught a couple of songs from Manfredis on Sun Sq. 

Met Shona on Market Sq then she and Naomi went off. 

I headed up t the Castle. 

Saw the Uptown Monotones, then J and the 9s. 

Walked over to the White Cross and saw the Balkanics. 

Then walked back into centre and the Crafty Scholar to see Blind Summit Blues band. 

And then Sphere for Words  About Space

Then up to the Gregson for Uptown Monotones again. Naomi joined me after the interval. Finished at 2330 and drove home. 

A short sit in snug before bed. 

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Diary – Friday 13th October 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Mrs H was at school ahead of me. We chatted about my course and next week’s meeting before other staff arrived. I headed outside but just after first children arrived it started raining so we went indoors. Not many children at all we went out for the last 10 minutes and rain started again just as the bell went. 

Round to the vicarage to copy pewsheets. Anton left me to it. Walked home via three churches. 

Read paper. 

Upstairs in office for a while, mostly looking at music festival programme. 

Then walked down to village and took Pluto for a walk along Millennium way. 

Home for lunch. 

Out to Calder Vale. Sat in on end of day worship and then minibus run for 6 children. 

Drove from Calder Vale to Lancaster on back roads and parked on Moor Lane. 

Walked through town and to Quay and Wagon and Horses. Listened to a band called the Skrotes until Naomi arrived. 

Walked back to centre. Caught Keeva doing last song on Market Sq. 

Ended up at Merchants and listened to Faded Eyes while we had tea. I had a blue cheese burger. 

Naomi then headed home. I walked back to centre and up Penny Street. Found bay beats playing on the street with a guy in a wheelchair. And two girls from school who were very pleased to see me. Walked up to white cross and found a band called Nana While Pepper. 

Came out and the rain was pouring down as I headed towards Moor Lane. Decided not to visit Gregson centre. 

Drove home. 

Sat in snug before bed. 

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Diary – Thursday 12th October 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

A dry morning so Early Birds started indoors and went out at 8.30am. 

Came home, read paper. A little bit of pottering about house.  

Then off to Lancaster via motorway. 

Job club at the Ridge. Quiet again, only 3 clients. Finished at 3pm. 

Drove home. 

A short time at home, at least enough for a quick snack. 

Out again heading down to Preston on motorway. Got caught for ages in roadworks on ringroad but still arrived on time. 

Part 2 of new governor  induction course. Sat with same people as part 1. Lots of PowerPoint again. Finished promptly at 9pm. 

Drove home along motorway. 

Sat in snug for a while before bed.  

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Diary – Wednesday 11th October 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Early Birds was indoors all the time. 8 kids arrived at 8am. Everyone was a bit hyper. Glad to get away at 9am. 

Prayer meeting at church. Anton asked me to lead. 

And then home. 

Read paper then sorted out what to do at Jam club. 

Then it was time t head back to the village to walk Pluto. It was raining I got soaked. 

Home for lunch and a change of clothes. 

And then back down to village. Rain was much lighter. 

Down to chapel to set up Jam club. 

Then up to school to be told that it wa too wet and that Jam club would have to be at school. Problem was, we had loads of stuff at chapel. Mrs H drove down to collect it while we started. Kids were all a bit hyper after a full day stuck indoors. I had to shout a few times. Singing and story went ok but craft was a bit messy. And rather a long time to tidy up afterwards. And I still had to go back to chapel and tidy up there. 

So a bit later home than usual. 

A quick tea of baked potato with tuna mayo. 

Out at 6pm just as Naomi got home. 

Stopped at cabus to buy diesel then on to Lancaster. 

Guitar lesson was good. Went over last week’s music then a very brief play of Pink Floyd and then some AC/DC. 

And then on to connect group. Good meeting, didn’t finish until 9.45pm then drove home. 

Brief sit in snug before bed at 10.45pm

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Diary – Tuesday 10th October 2017

Up at 6.45am and Naomi too. She left as I was getting breakfast. left house at 7.30am. 

Early Birds wasn’t very busy. Went out at 8.30am and it stayed dry. 

Came home and had enough time to read paper in kitchen. 

Out again at 9.40am. Drove to Garstang and Tithe Barn. 

Meeting for Lancashire sings Christmas. Lasted just over an hour. 

Quick visit to Boothsnand the. Back to village. Took Pluto for walk along Millennium way. 



A bit of time to deal with some emails and quick guitar practice. 

Down to school for after-school club. Spent a while in nature area. Then back to classroom for snacks and indoor activities. 

Walked home. Tea by myself. Fried leftover veg from Sunday lunch mixed with eggs. 

And then out to Lancaster for OMF meeting. Remembered to pick up Brian. Lots of letters to read. Only missed out one. Stayed for a drink and then left. 

Home for about 10.15pm. Sat in snug for a while before bed. 

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Diary – Monday 9th October 2017

Up at 6.45am after not sleeping well. Breakfast and out at 7.30am. 

First at school, joined by Esme at Early Birds. Mrs H popped her head round door once. Got to double figures after 8am. Went out at 8.30am. 

Came home, read paper. 

Started laundry, spent a while working wood shredder. Two boxes full of clippings. 

Drove to Garstang and bought light bulbs at C&C. Came back to village and took Pluto for a walk round our usual loop. 

Back to house and realised I had bought wrong fitting. 


Drove back to C&C and swapped bulbs and then came home. 

Fitted bulb and then up to office for half an hour. 

Watched Tipping Point. 

Beef stew for tea when Naomi got home. A brief stop before she was out again. 

I went back to office. Played some guitar. 

Watched Victoria. 

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