Diary – Sunday 13th August 2017

Up at 8am. 

Breakfast and last-minute prep for Lighthouse. 

Left at about 9.30am and drove to Lancaster. parked on canal bridge on Quarry rd. 

plenty of time to prep room for LBC Lighthouse and then down for start of service. Noticeably quieter than last week. 

Out with children after a while. Did some games together and then group time. Only 2 girls in the older group so we merged with the middle group which Denise led. 

Chat with Dan afterwards then headed home with Ann and boys. 

Naomi had lunch almost ready when we arrived. We ate outside. 

Then they se t to gardening and I worked on laptop for a while for Evensong service. 

Naomi took them home and shortly afterwards I headed down to St Peters. 

Used big screen for first time at Evensong. Worked well, except didn’t have RSV Bible in OpenLP. Lots of chat afterwards and wine to drink. 

Walked home with Naomi and sat in snug before bedtime. 

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Diary – Saturday 12th August 2017

Got up at 8am. Walked to shop and home again for breakfast in snug. 

Mid-morning set off in car. Headed north on M6 and turned off at j36 and headed to Kendal. 

Planned to go for a walk, but heavy rain showers made us change our mind and we went straight to David and Helens. Arrived in time to have some pancakes. 

Then set to and cut down tree with chainsaw. Logged it and then set to on stump. Took a while but with lunch in-between we got the stump out as well. 

Lasagne for tea and a play with Leia and then we came home. 

Sat in snug for rest of evening. 

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Diary – Friday 11th August 2017

Got up at 7.15am. Down to shop and came back just as Naomi was leaving for work. 

Breakfast in snug. 

 Cleaned up in the kitchen. 

Walked down to vicarage, printed pewsheets and dropped off at St Peters, Methodist chapel and Catholic Church. 

Came home, got out chainsaw and replaced chain and guide. 


Sat with laptop and prepped Lighthouse. 

Rowing session. Best time this month. 

Naomi came home from work and I went out to get take-away fish and chips. 

Sat in snug and watched TV

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Diary – Thursday 10th August 2017

Up at 7am again, down to shop and back for breakfast in snug after Naomi left for work. 

Had a while to do some housework. 

Drove to Lancaster for Ridge job club. Stopped to refuel on way. 

Only 2 clients at Job club but Steve Green and landlords turned up later on. 

That meant not leaving until 3.30pm. 

Drove straight home and then did 10km row. A fast time. 

Naomi came home, we had  a chicken curry for tea. 

Played frustration card game for the first time in ages 

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Diary – Wednesday 9th August 2017

Awake early again. Got up at 7am. 

Noticed low water pressure in shower and when I walked down to village found a water leak on The Square. 

Back home for breakfast in snug. 

WLked back down to village for prayer meeting at 9am but no-one turned up so after a 5-minute chat with Pam I came home. 

Read paper. 

Spent most of the morning working on presentation for Evensong. Lots of copy and paste and reformatting. 


Decided it was too nice to stay indoors. 

Walked up Nicky Nook. Met Mrs Birchall and Orlando. Lovely views from the top.  With binoculars I could Anglesey and Isle of Man. 

Came home, sat and had a cup of tea.  Feeling a bit tired. 

Another row session. Hmm, tired. A bit slower than yesterday. 

Sausages for tea. We ate as soon as Naomi came home from work. 

Then I was off to Lancaster. Found a big hole and 3-way traffic lights in centre of Scorton. 🙂

Connect group at Clive and Ruth’s house. Shona led the study. We played with Lego. A good evening. 

Home for 10pm. 

Abrief sit in snug before bed. 

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Diary – tuesday 8th August 2017

Had a lie-in and let Naomi get out of bed first. Then a brisk walk down to shop, back home in time to see Naomi off to wrk and then breakfast in snug. 

Spent most of the morning making a carving table for Naomi. Worked outside on terrace and only just finished before skies went very dark followed swiftly by rain. 

Lunch watching very heavy rain outside. 

Started afternoon updating parish address book. 

Then back to my rowing machine. Times are still getting faster, but can’t continue to do so!!

Cooked salmon for tea. “Lightly smoked” fillets from Aldi tasted very nice. 

Out in the evening to Lancaster for OMF prayer meeting. 

Home for 10pm and a sit in snug before bed. 

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Diary – Monday 7th August. 

There must have been a lot of rain overnight. I was woken very early by noise from the stream. English summers seems t be getting wetter and wetter. Or is it autumn already?

Got up at 7am, collected papers, fed Socks and home for breakfast. Naomi was cycling to work so I had breakfast watching TV in snug and then read paper. 

Took NAS to kitchen, removed case and gave it a blast with compressed air. Lots of dust!!

Left house at 10am for short drive to surgery. Appointment at 1030 didn’t happen until 11am. Good chat with doc but then a 25 minute wait in pharmacy. 

Stopped at Booths for. Quick shop. 

Came home, replaced fan on NAS. 


Spent a while in office doing UP updates. 

Did prep for deacons’ meeting. 

Another rowing session. Better time again. 

Had tea because I need to be out early, but Naomi was home before it was ready. 

She went out to choir practice and I ate my tea. 

Then I was out driving t Lancaster. 

Deacons meeting at LBC. A one-item agenda but meeting went on to 9.45pm. 

Drove home, sat in snug until bedtime. 

Came home

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