Diary – Friday 16th June 2017

Up at 6.45am., breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Early birds was busy for a Friday but very calm. Most kids sitting and chatting. 

Stopped at vicarage to do copying and a bit of chat then home with paper. 

After a read and tea turned to housework for an hour. 

Then down to village and a walk with Pluto. 

Home for lunch. 

More housework. 

Then off to Calder Vale for minibus run. Left school at 3.45pm and was home for 4.30pm. 

Washed two cars

Then got on with making roast chicken for tea. 

Naomi arrived with parents just before 7pm and we sat in kitchen for tea. 

Went for a walk to village, footpath to Claylands and then main road to Gubberford Lane

Stopped at bench for a rest. Mrs H came past and offered lifts. I accepted. Others continued to walk. 

Mrs H pulled up outside and we chatted for a while. 

Spent rest of evening in snug before bed at 11pm. 

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Diary – Thursday 15th June 2017

Awake before alarm at 6.45am. Up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Early Birds was quiet. But. Little bit of fighting over a tennis ball calmed by Mrs Pollitt. 

Came home, read paper. Did housework for an hour. 

Drove to Lancaster. Quick visit to Halfords to buy engine oil. 

Then up to Ridge. 

Peter helped me with Job Club. Only two people doing no job searches. We closed at 2pm. 

Drove home. 

Started work in hedge trimming. Stopped at gate as arms were feeling v tired. 

Watched Tipping Point. 

Naomi came home from work. 

I cooked liver risotto for tea. 

Shopping trip to Booths. 

Came home, I did school governor application form. 

Sat in snug before bed. 

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Diary – Wednesday 14th June 2017

Woken by alarm at 6.45am. Up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Early Birds was outside from the start. It was a calm session until the very end, but something happened just afte Mr Chaffe came out and I left him to deal with it. 

Wednesday is prayer time at church. Led by Jim. Funny incident as we came rout, school had set up desks across the drive for the school photograph. I had to ask Mrs Harwood to let two cars past. 

Grabbed papers and came home. Sat and read paper, did some tidying in kitchen. 

Drove to Lancaster via motorway. 

Prayer meeting at Ridge. 

And drove home again. Only as far as village centre. 

Took Pluto for walk. 

Came home for lunch. 

And down to village  again, collected doughnuts from shop and then to chapel. 

Prep for Jam club. 

Session was led by Debbie with her big Bible. It went very well.  Kids were entranced. 

Came home.  A quick tea of baked potato and tuna mayo. 

Off t Lancaster  again for guitar lesson. A good one. Despite my lack f practice. Still have problems with my fingers not stretching far enough for barre chords. 

And then drove home as connect group cancelled. 

Spent forty-five minutes cutting grass. Much faster if I do away with the grass box. 

And then inside and rest of time in snug with a beer and whisky before bed. <hic>

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Diary – Tuesday 13th June 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am. 

No-one very early at Early Birds. We were outside shortly after 8am. A very calm session. 

Came home, read paper. 

Went shopping. Bradshaws, Aldi, Booths. 

Drove home. The car drives much better after inflating the tyres. 

Put everything away and then walked down to village and took Pluto for a walk. 

Back home and had lunch. 

Found some time to pick up guitar and play. 

Time to head back to village school for after-school club. Only five kids. Outdoors all the time. Last half-hour was just Esme and us two staff sitting at bench. 

Walked home. Waited just a few minutes for Naomi to turn up then we got in car and drove to Wharton. 

OMF prayer meeting summer outing. Lots of tasty food  for tea first. Then we did a Skype chat with Pete and Janet and Dallman which worked very well. Gave lifts to two people on way back so not home until after 10pm. 

Sat down in snug for a while before bed. 

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Diary – Monday 12th June 2017

Alarm at 6.45am but I had been half-awake since about 5am. Up, breakfast and out at 7.30am. 

Down at school I was first and sat and chatted with Hendrix and Esme for 20 minutes before going outside. There was a short rain shower as soon as we got outside but we stuck it out. A quiet session. 

Popped into vicarage briefly then headed home with paper. Men outside filling in hole from water repairs. Sat with a tea to warm up then headed to office to investigate bitlocker.   Spent an hour or so sortin out laptop then walked back down to vicarage with it. 

Stopped to chat for a while then round the corner and took Pluto for a walk. 

Home for lunch. 

Found car had two tyres very low pressure so pumped them up. 

Cleared up mess around where water repairs had been. 

Watched Tipping Point. 

Cut grass along roadside. 

Tinned pie for tea. 

Then we drove to Lancaster. Naomi had a meeting at St Ts; I had a LBC holiday club meeting. Finished about 9pm and drove home. 

Sat in snug for a while before bed. 

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Diary – Sunday 11th June 2017

Up at 8am and a gentle start to a Sunday morning. Breakfast, TV and left house at 9.30am. 

407 complained about tyre puncture so switched to 208 to drive to Lancaster. 

PRked on Dalton Sq. 

Good service at LBC. 

Drove home.  

We went out to BRton Grange. Roast beef dinner in the cafe. 

Had a look round the garden centre then went for a walk along canal to Bilsborrow and back along road. Browsed cars at Land Rover showroom. 

Came home and had a little while before walking down to village church for Evensong. Service followed by saxophone player. And a bit of chat afterwards. 

And then came home.  

Rest of evening in snug. 

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Diary – Saturday 10th June 2017

Up at 8am, down to shop and then home for breakfast in snug. 

Set off mid-morning in car and drove to Middlesbrough. Horrible wet weather in way with lots of spray on motorway. 

Stopped at Kirkby Stephen for a break. 

At Middlesbrough stopped at shop to buy food then to Mayberry Grove. Ate lunch then spent a while tidying middle bedroom. 

Then to home. Chatted with Richard for 45 minutes, then made excuses and left. 

Drove to skippers Lane and Frankie and Bennys to meet up with family. 

Had a meal and a chat. 

Then we walked round a few shooed before heading home. Much better conditions. Stopped at Kirkby Stephen again. Home at 8.15pm. 

Spent evening in snug. 

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